Organisations all over Wales are on a cyber journey. This journey can start with the introduction of very basic digital processes and procedures and evolve into the development of sophisticated frameworks and networks, with implications for both effectiveness and security. PBSA has developed a robust assessment model that can be applied to organisations of all shapes and sizes.

In order to support organisations with the resources and expertise they need, it is important to understand what makes them tick, as well as where they are on their own cyber journey.

It is only by developing a thorough understanding of your organisation and its plans for the future can we advise on the appropriate protection of your organisational data.

Our strategic recommendations will not only enable you to develop a robust cyber security strategy but also assist organisations with the planning of a wider digital technology roadmap.


Information Asset Discovery (IAD) is a systematic process that can help an organisation to establish a detailed understanding of what information is core to the delivery of its services and inform important decisions about its cyber security requirements.

The IAD process is designed to catalogue all the information an organisation holds and identify which elements are most important. A key objective of the process is to ensure the most critical information and data is appropriately and safely protected from cyber-attacks of all kinds.

An IAD project managed by PSBA can even reveal information that key members of the in-house team didn’t realise their organisation held and therefore inform the ongoing development and management of a cyber-security strategy.


Alongside specific types of information and data, it is important for organisations to understand how their physical assets are impacting on their ability to keep information safe and secure.

PSBA’s Physical Asset Discovery (PAD) process is designed to catalogue all digitally connected hardware, including work-provided laptops and mobile phones, as well as personal use laptops and phones, which connect to your network.

Improving an organisation’s understanding of its physical assets and how they interact with the digital network is crucial to keep your network safe and essential in the development and ongoing management of cyber security.


If you are interested in joining PSBA or to find out more information, please e-mail PSBA.new.connection.enquiries@bt.com and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch.