Our range of cost-effective services is designed to help public sector organisations to get the job done by streamlining access and facilitating greater collaboration.

Our services flyer lists more of the public service broadband benefits available to those who work with PSBA.

Our security services help address challenges around compliance, digital maturity, risk assessment and management, and protecting information and assets.

  • Fully-managed wide area network (WAN) services using any combination of MPLS, SD-WAN, Ethernet, Internet, Mobile Data or more from a range of communications providers
  • Secure roaming services to connect people on the move
  • Resilient WebSafe services to determine if content should be blocked
  • Direct internet services with  high-capacity network connectivity
  • Robust firewalls and other security services
  • Consultancy and strategic advice to support network and associated infrastructure projects
  • Peering capability enabling the connection of internet networks and traffic exchange.

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PSBA provides network connectivity for all 22 local authorities in Wales. Employees work together in different areas, and across multiple council sites. PSBA roaming is simple and effective. It enables local authority employees to stay connected while on the move. Teams from different councils can work efficiently across Wales thanks to secure, fast and convenient network access at any council building.

See how staff at the Isle of Anglesey County Council took advantage of the benefits of PSBA roaming.


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PSBA provides technology that enables police forces, ambulance services and fire and rescue services to improve emergency response times, drive productivity and keep communities safe. We offer a complete service wrap and guarantee to address site outages in hours, not days, to minimise the impact on response times. PSBA roaming connects staff on the move and the bandwidth scale ensures that even during busy periods, operations can be managed efficiently despite an increase in calls.

When the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service (NWFRS) told us they struggled to deliver connectivity to rural stations, we delivered high speed, cost-effective reliable download and upload speeds that are now fast enough to handle spikes in calls.


An icon of a location tag to represent the locations that benefit from PSBA's network services.


PSBA connects more than 1,500 schools in Wales, 14 further education providers, 9 universities as well as other smaller organisations linked closely with the education and research community. The widespread use of online learning tools, web-based rich media content, online assessments and Cloud-based services within primary, secondary and tertiary education means that a secure, fast and high-availability infrastructure is essential to support current and evolving education and research agendas.

We are committed to delivering a future-proof solution to meet the demands of this community by delivering resilient high bandwidth connectivity for schools, colleges and universities to support innovation, research and learning. PSBA provides access to quality learning resources, and removes barriers to national and international collaboration using a single unified network meeting the varied requirements of education and research users.


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PSBA understands the challenges the healthcare sector in Wales faces when trying to implement a secure environment that protects patients’ data. PSBA roaming securely connects NHS and social care workers to their home networks from different sites, and ensures they have access to information they need while on the move. PSBA offers increased bandwidth that has the capacity to cope with high demand from health and social care services which together, alongside other services, deliver a better, smoother and more efficient service to staff and patients in Wales.

When issues of connectivity, network security and bandwidth were holding Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) back from moving many of its internal operations online, PSBA delivered a package of services to help.


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Organisations can benefit from the intelligent procurement of a single communications network for the whole of the Welsh public sector, which is more cost-effective than running multiple organisation-centric networks. Our Service Level Agreements also mean that organisations are guaranteed a first class service that goes above and beyond the level of service your organisation requires. Contact us to learn more about the benefits (link to benefits page) of PSBA to your organisation.

Organisations like Welsh Government, Natural Resources Wales, and National Parks authorities in Wales are already benefitting from new PSBA services and flexible options for cost-effective growth if bandwidth requirements increase in the future. Housing association Grŵp Cynefin is another example of an organisation taking advantage of PSBA solutions to address operational challenges.



We have the expertise and knowledge to identify and tackle security issues to protect public sector organisations across Wales. Our security services help address challenges around compliance, digital maturity, risk assessment and management, and protecting information and assets.

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If you are interested in joining PSBA or to find out more information, please e-mail PSBA.new.connection.enquiries@bt.com and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch.