Security appliance consultancy

As online networks have become more sophisticated, so have the security challenges around them. The industry has responded by developing an ever-growing portfolio of network management and security tools that help organisations to keep their networks and assets secure. PSBA consultants have extensive experience in advising organisations on selecting the best security appliances to protect their networks from harmful or unwanted internet traffic.

We also help organisations with the design and deployment of products from a wide variety of vendors, including Cisco, Meraki, Fortinet and Microsoft.


It is often difficult for organisations to have a thorough understanding of the strength of their cyber security systems until they find themselves under attack. PSBA has experience and expertise in developing and running different test scenarios that can help clients to further understand the capabilities of their security networks and identify potential vulnerabilities within a safe and secure environment.

Running real-life test scenarios – using tactics such as war gaming, red teaming and ethical hacking – can identify any weak points within your network and provide insight into how different elements can be improved.


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