PSBA Corporate WebSafe Flyer

PSBA Corporate WebSafe offers a centralised, flexible and resilient service to public sector organisations in Wales. It protects business-critical services by allowing organisations to set up their own policies on what their staff and users can access on the internet.

PSBA Public Access Wi-Fi

PSBA’s Public Access Wi-Fi service provides the capability for organisations to give people access to online resources from public sector buildings, while allowing for a degree of governance and content moderation.

PSBA – a smarter network for Wales

PSBA connects Wales’ public services, helping them to achieve more. Getting networks working faster. Improving security. Enabling innovation and driving collaboration.

PSBA - the smart choice for schools

We know how important it is for pupils to fully participate in online learning experiences. PSBA is committed to delivering a future proof solution to meet these demands.

PSBA WebSafe

The solution offers a centralised, resilient WebSafe service for PSBA organisations.

PSBA Roaming

PSBA Roaming provides seamless and secure network connectivity for public sector workers.


    If you are interested in joining PSBA or to find out more information, please e-mail PSBA.new.connection.enquiries@bt.com and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch.