The challenge

Health and social services employees couldn’t co-locate effectively, as one, or other of the services could only access the internet via lower grade guest wireless access. As collaboration is key, the way they worked needed to change to enable secure, fast and convenient data access from any council building.

The ICT Infrastructure team were receiving negative feedback from employees, frustrated with the limitations of the existing systems.

The solution

PSBA roaming has enhanced cross boundary working between the health authority and the council. Each set of workers are now able to easily log onto their native network instantly from either office.

Many of the council workers contribute to North Wales regional projects, with ad hoc meetings held across the 6 counties in North Wales. PSBA roaming has made working from other authorities easier and more productive.

PSBA roaming has enabled health authority and council workers to seamlessly access their native network without issues. Efficient co-located working has increased productivity between social services and the health board. Employees have increased flexibility and the ability to instantly access essential data without compromising on security."

How it helped

The Outcome


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