The challenge

Aberystwyth University required a cost effective and reliable replacement to its previous guest Wi-Fi solution. With thousands of visitors each year, it was essential that the University found a replacement solution that was fast, secure and reliable.

Committed to making sure that public sector organisations have access to the right technology and connectivity to deliver efficient services, PSBA was on hand to help.

The solution

Aberystwyth University began using PSBA’s Public Access Wi-Fi in March 2022 to provide its thousands of visitors with access to online resources via a safe, secure and cost-effective network.

Separating its corporate and public Wi-Fi networks has provided the University with increased security. It now has more control over who has access to sensitive information, ensuring that confidential documents are protected and adhere to Government policies such as The Data Protection Act (1998) and EU General Data Protection Directive (GDPR).

Outsourcing the risks associated with public internet access to PSBA’s team of specialists has resulted in an increase in productivity for the University’s staff, who have been able to reallocate their time, effort and resources to more strategic projects.

The Public Access Wi-Fi service was put to the test during Aberystwyth University’s annual summer conference where over 1,000 guests accessed the network without a problem, providing visitor satisfaction and proving the service’s reliability.

Infrastructure manager, Hefin James, who has worked at the University for over 20 years, encourages other public sector businesses to take advantage of PSBA’s services, describing the decision to join the network as a “no brainer”.

How it helped

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Outsourcing risks

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Improving security

Cost effective service

Reliable network

This meant

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Visitor satisfaction

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More time for other projects

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Increased productivity


If you are interested in joining PSBA or to find out more information, please e-mail and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch.