PSBA: Public Access Wi-Fi for the Public Sector in Wales

For many, public Wi-Fi is a form of convenience that is often taken for granted. Most people expect to have access to free Wi-Fi services in a variety of settings. For businesses, guest Wi-Fi is a great way to enhance service for customers whilst providing additional marketing opportunities to engage with them.

Public Sector Broadband Aggregation ‘s (PSBA) Public Access Wi-Fi service provides the capability for organisations to provide access to online resources from public sector buildings, while allowing for a degree of governance and content moderation. Public Sector organisations can use their existing PSBA connectivity to provide Public Access Wi-Fi, outsourcing the risks associated to a specialist service provider: PSBA.

PSBA is committed to making sure that public sector organisations have access to the right technology and connectivity to delivery efficient services.

Separating corporate and public Wi-Fi networks means that you can control who has access to sensitive information, ensuring business information remains safe and secure while providing members of the public with the Wi-Fi capabilities they have come to expect.

Service Overview

  • BT Wi-Fi service for staff and customers/visitors
  • Cisco Wireless Access Points (for a Standalone Site service)
  • Easy to connect branded landing pages
  • Real-time analytics dashboard
  • Ability to send targeted communications to your visitors using Wi-Fi
  • Content filtering to protect your users
  • 24/7 x 365 helpdesk

How will Public Access Wi-Fi benefit the public sector?

Increased security

Offering PSBA’s Public Access Wi-Fi allows you to outsource the risks associated with public internet access to a specialist service provider. PSBA will ensure your business information remains safe and secure, while providing visitors with Wi-Fi access. As part of the service, PSBA will make sure your Wi-Fi network complies with The Data Protection Act (1998), EU General Date Protection Directive (GDPR), Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014 (DRIPA) and Digital Economy Act 2017.


PSBA can offer Public Access Wi-Fi services at a favourable price, saving you the time and cost of going through individual procurement exercises. Customers have the option of dedicating some of their existing bandwidth to Public Access Wi-Fi and running the service over an existing PSBA internet connection, representing a cost saving.

Customer/visitor satisfaction

Your customers and visitors can be directed to links providing FAQ pages or appointment booking systems. Plus, they will have the Wi-Fi capabilities that they have come to expect and are able to access their emails, social media and general browsing to help improve their experience.

Service management by PSBA

PSBA will provide service management through standard PSBA processes, providing a technical support service desk to handle incidents and queries relating to the network elements of the service. The fully-managed service will supply proactive fault diagnostics, physical engineers and reporting so that you can rest assured that support is in place should you need it.

Filtering options

Delivering public Wi-Fi brings an increased number of regulatory obligations, including filtering illegal and inappropriate content. PSBA’s Public Access Wi-Fi service takes away the worry of compliance and keeping up with legislative change, as PSBA ensures these obligations are always covered. PSBA Public Access Wi-Fi will filter out illegal content as defined by the Internet Watch Foundation. Plus, you can choose from eight optional categories of inappropriate content which can be filtered out as well.

Branded landing pages

We will provide options of landing page designs for your guest users. Tailored landing pages make people aware of the additional services provided by the organisation delivering the public Wi-Fi service.


PSBA Public Access Wi-Fi helps make sure everyone has access to the right technology and connectivity. PSBA connects Wales’ public services and helps them to achieve more. As well as enhancing customer and visitor satisfaction, Public Access Wi-Fi can also drive productivity and innovation.

Want to know more?

Access the PSBA Public Access WiFi flyer for further information. If you would like to discuss this service in more detail, get in contact at psba.pre.sales.team@bt.com

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If you are interested in joining PSBA or to find out more information, please e-mail PSBA.new.connection.enquiries@bt.com and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch.