The challenge

BCUHB had already looked to drive efficiency and reduce costs by moving as many of its internal operations online as possible but issues of connectivity, network security and bandwidth were holding it back. Its 16,500-strong workforce needed easy access to internal online databases whenever, and wherever, they were working across 110 different sites. Over ninety per cent of staff have an online network account, and E-rostering, electronic staff records and payroll are all managed digitally, making improved online access a necessity. Consistent connectivity was essential, data security was paramount and increased bandwidth would be game-changing.

The solution

A computer system called Welsh Community Care Information System (WCCIS) is being introduced in Wales. It gives community nurses, mental health teams, social workers and therapists the digital tools and access to information that they need to work better together. PSBA roaming enables the frontline staff to access the WCCIS system whilst away from their desks, quadrupling the number of sites where staff had secure network access – almost overnight. Full and secure information access was delivered across a large geographical area, reducing the downtime and frustrations associated with having to travel to different sites to access alternate systems.

PSBA has also delivered an enhanced level of bandwidth at a more competitive rate, increasing the total aggregated bandwidth used by BCUHB by a factor of six. This has helped meet demand from clinical systems such as Picture Archiving and Communication systems (PACS) which allows digital images taken by radiology services to be stored and retrieved from anywhere on the BCUHB network.

Combined with PSBA’s new roaming service, staff can now access everything they need to fulfil their roles while on the move. It has more than doubled staff’s ability to connect to the BCUHB network when working at third party locations and – crucially – vice versa. Thanks to the newly implemented roaming service, users from other PSBA-enabled organisations, including local authority workers, are able to connect to their own home networks while working at BCUHB. BCUHB now boasts the highest number of visitors taking advantage of its roaming service.

How it helped

The Outcome


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